Release: Separate delivery vehicle fees

New Features:

  • Distance Charges: Require separate vehicle option added to allow multiple distance charges. Under Advanced Features when editing an item
  • Reports: Custom optional fields can now be added to a lead report
  • Wordpress: We’ve added internal monitoring of your website to help detect issues earlier
  • Wordpress: Updated all-items page to show category as heading above each. To upgrade existing site: Update Plugin, trash all-items page and io_all_item shortcode, then edit/save any rental item in IO.
  • Surveys: You can now create your own surveys, customers can edit their answers to previous questions, and style improved
  • Quote Page: You can have the quote page act as a shopping cart by passing clear_rentals=0 into the URL
  • Lead Filter: Can now filter by custom fields of type select (ie drop-down lists).
  • Testimonials: Newly completed customer satisfaction surveys will now automatically be added as an inactive testimonial.

Bugs fixed:

  • Leads: Sped up keyword search for certain situations
  • Leads: Fixed issue with required accessories not always being added
  • Leads: Fixed issue with accessories getting duplicated on leads in certain scenarios
  • Payments: Fixed issue with payment error not showing when using square on wordpress
  • Workers: Added attachments to admin version of worker’s site
  • Wordpress: Fixed pricing when show accessories as separate units is used
  • Wordpress: Fixed availability checking for parent/child items
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with category and all_items pages styles sometimes getting messed up
  • Conflicts: Fixed availability for structured items in certain situations
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue with hold times not being reset for accessories when qty increased
  • Optional Fields: Fixed issue with new leads not containing the custom field
  • Optional Fields: Fixed issue with checkbox type not being able to uncheck
  • Optional Fields: Fixed issue with select type not getting option choices
  • Filters: Fixed display issue when using a filter and saving a lead so that it doesn’t match the filter
  • Vendors: Fixed occasional contract signing issue
  • Overview Sales: Fixed report linked to sales number not using DST
  • Quote Page: Fixed issue where lead status could be downgraded by customer
  • Quote Page: Fixed issue with unlimited items not showing quantity drop-down box
  • IO Phone: Fixed issues caused by adding invalid worker phones to ring schedule
  • Surcharge: Fixed issue where surcharge was sometimes removing other fees
  • Delivery: Fixed issue with vehicle packing list not showing deliveries if not on event day
  • Packages: Fixed issue on the older advanced packages missing Add button
  • Blacklist: When new customer profiles are created that are similar to an existing blacklisted customer, the new profile will be auto-blacklisted as well
  • Inventory: Fixed issues with linked quantity not always increasing properly

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