Release: See all item availability when editing a lead

Now see all items availability when editing a lead
If you edit a lead you will now see which unselected items are unavailable (they are in red text). The event date and time is used to determine this, so if you change the event time you will need to hit Update so that it can adjust which items are shown as unavailable.
Minor Updates:
- quote page now expands categories automatically when it contains a selected item
- show options in calendar in alphabetical order
- fixed an issue when viewing the packing list after using the export
- fixed the conflict pop-up box to show correctly after using update
- when setting pickup/dropoff windows, it will default to the event date
- shows n/a instead of paid when the required deposit is zero
- multi-location: show location of options in calendar view
- workers will now see their shifts at the top of the list of shifts

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