Release: Overwhelming you with updates

I know it's a lot, but we were a little overdue on an update, so we are loading it up. Enjoy!

New Features:

  • Calendar: Day view of calendar has links to the lead that has each rental item reserved
  • Emails: Reminder emails and text for upcoming worker shifts
  • Emails: Choose any email template when sending an email from the event tab
  • Emails: Added a 2nd recent quote auto-email template
  • Emails: Pre-fill the quote form for existing customers who click an email link by using this variable: %quoteform_fill_url% (use it in past year emails)
  • Emails: Ability to enable re-sending of any auto email
  • Leads: Search by phone number and dollar amount in keyword on leads filter
  • Mobile: Customer phone numbers can now be clicked to call via mobile browsers
  • Multi-location: Filter rentals and options by location for multi-location accounts
  • Multi-location: Improvements to allow more location specific settings
  • Quote Pages: Allow multiple quote pages without being a multi-location account
  • Quote Pages: Ability to add, delete, and modify all of your quote pages
  • Referrals: Customize referrals from Settings
  • Rentals: Ability to enter required quantity for a required option
  • Rentals: filter search works with rental IDs and serial numbers (exact match only)
  • Rentals: Set order for options on the Item Order page
  • Rentals: units can be listed as options and rental items at the same time
  • Statuses: Ability to customize, delete, and add statuses such as cancelled or postponed
  • Workers: Variables for Sales Rep name, phones, and email for use in templates
  • Workers: See whether contract is signed and whether payments have been made for unscheduled shifts (on Overview->Workers report)
  • Workers: Payroll summary itemizes and contractor pay items and shows sales rep commissions
  • Workers: Send emails to workers using the worker filter
  • Workers: can take safety tests from the workers site

Bugs fixed:

  • Contracts: Electric, staff, and volunteer numbers totaling when more than one of the same rental item chosen
  • Emails: Regular emails in the email center cannot be set inactive
  • Leads: Update with recalculate and quick add item no longer causes pricing errors
  • Leads: Restrict by state/province now working for non-US customers
  • Leads: Conflicts when listing options as separate units fixed
  • Leads: Quantity based pricing bugs fixed
  • Leads: Fixed hourly rate after price list maximum reached
  • Leads: Serial number and location shown on More Filters dialog box
  • Quickbooks: Income accounts no longer generated for each rental
  • Quote Pages: Entering tax exempt certificate from quote is now working when upsell is disabled
  • Rentals: Fixed issue with appending of rental name when showing options as separate units

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