Release: QB Contractor Payroll Integration and Rental Specific Safety Rules

New Features:

  • Leads: Can now allow Staff, Volunteers, Setup Time, and Teardown Time to auto-calculate on Contract tab. Configure under Settings->General Settings
  • Leads: Can now set both setup/teardown times and delivery windows
  • Leads: Clicking on the name of a rental now allows you to view that rental item.
  • Leads: After an event is over, you can place an item into maintenance by clicking the >>
  • Quotes: Configure auto-booking by delivery type.
  • Rentals: Can now add details specific to each rental to be printed on the contract, packing list, or emails. Configure by going to Settings->Inventory->Click Rental->Safety Tab.
  • Reports: On the Lead Report you can now sort the results
  • Templates: Added more rental variables to the template variables help page.
  • Workers: You can now integrate Payroll for contractors into Quickbooks. Workers go in as Vendors, and a Bill is created for each worker and sales rep for that pay-period. Configure it under Settings->Quickbooks
  • Workers: You can now flag when a worker has been paid for a shift on the payroll report. If you activate the ‘Worker - Shift Paid’ email, they will get an email notifying them about payment.

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Updated payment, deposit, and contract email reminders to allow them to go out when events have a short book date to event date period.
  • Emails: Adjusted the From line of emails to include quotes around the company name as it was causing some email clients to not handle replying properly.
  • Leads: When a customer submits a duplicate quote, the system will now re-use the original one.
  • Leads: Deposit no longer gets overridden when manually set and lead is changed.
  • Leads: Deposit amount can no longer be greater than event total.
  • Leads: Map on the contract tab now uses distance settings starting location instead of default location.
  • Leads: If a status is made inactive the Lead Filter will include that status if any leads are still assigned to it.
  • Leads: Fixed issue where coupon’s would not calculate discount properly with options.
  • Locations: Fixed issue preventing worker from modifying another worker when set to ‘All Locations’.
  • Quickbooks: Allowed all events with a payment to go into QB regardless of status.
  • Quotes: Fixed date format issue for international accounts when customer edit’s a quote.
  • Settings: Removing the ‘View my Category’ setting for selected rentals in a lead.
  • Settings: Adjusted the white background on a page to expand with the page as needed
  • Taxes: Updated several locations to allow tax rate to show 3 decimal places
  • Workers: Fixed issue with Please Wait not going away when a worker doesn’t have permission.

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