Release: Put items into maintenance

Put items into maintenance

You can now take rental items out of inventory temporarily in case of damage, lost items, scheduled repairs, or not returned items. Go to Settings->Maintenance (at the bottom-left) to use it. From there you can view items that are out, see when they are scheduled to return, view a log of past maintenance records, and remove items from maintenance. There are also a number of other ways to access the maintenance feature. You can do it directly from a completed lead by clicking the item or through the workers site if you have the appropriate permissions.


After an event is over, you can click the rental name of the item to put in maintenance.

Read more about it here

New Features:

  • Put items into maintenance
  • New Alerts: Maintenance notifications, and new survey results
  • Now go to to get reports on the server status
  • Allow flat tax rate to override automatic lookup
  • Search by rental name for easier lookup on the inventory page


Bugs fixed:

  • Number of stars for testimonials
  • Lead filter improvements to include long events
  • Allow re-saving of a lead if your internet goes out
  • Fixed issue with commas in the staff and distance cost boxes when updating/saving a lead
  • Made quote email pop-up display properly for mobile browsing
  • Improved availability handling of subcontracted items
  • Set distance calculation by address to use zip to zip calculation at 130% as back-up method for bad addresses

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