Release: Safety, Attachments, and Google Calendar Updates

Safety, Attachments, and Google Calendar Updates

New Features:

  • Google Calendar: You can now customize what event details are put on Google calendar as well as the ability to have different details go to multiple calendars
  • Attachments: You can now attach images/documents to a lead by simply emailing or texting the attachment to (See Attachment tab on a Lead)
  • 24 hour event chart view (Calendar->Day View->Chart 24h)
  • Safety: Train yourself, your workers, and your customers to setup and operate your equipment properly (See Settings->Safety for more details)
  • Rentals: set manufacturer and populate item details and image automatically

Bugs fixed:

  • Auto Booking: Drop-off windows were set using incorrect timezone
  • Lead Log: Alert and Worker emails showed incorrect email address in sent-to box

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