Release: Packages and Filters

Video of Release Notes:

Using the new method to create packages allows them to show up on Wordpress like above.

On the quote form the customer can be limited on how many items to select and a flat fee can be set.

New Features:

  • Rentals: Can set Accessories to be listed as a drop-down on quote form now to reduce space.
  • Filters: Added to Date Range drop-down: Delivery, Return, Shift
  • Filters: Added the following filters to the keyword box:
    • Fees/Promos/Coupons - fee:
    • Attachments - attachment:
    • Autobooking - autobook:
    • Surveys - survey:
    • Country - country:
    • Worker Position - position:
  • CRM: Added entry for Lead Creation to the CRM tab
  • IO Phone: Can now change your number or add toll-free numbers from interface
  • IO Phone: Improved phone log to be filtered by date and location
  • Mobile App: Rename attachments, add manual payments (cash/check)
  • QuickBooks Online: Now deleted and downgraded leads will delete the matching invoice from QBO as long as there was no payment on the invoice
  • Packages: Added ability to create packages through regular rental items. These will also sync to Wordpress and show when editing a lead. Use the Override Price flag when adding accessories to a rental “package”, then also set the max allowed choices.
  • Wordpress: Accessories can now be listed on product pages. (example)
    • Re-sync pages (click the blue arrow on Settings->Wordpress)
    • Add the following to your io_rental shortcode on your wordpress site:

Near “Space Needed: %%footprint%%”
change to:
Space Needed: %%footprint%%<br>

3 lines lower, underneath “<style>” add:
.io_acc_li{ clear:left;}
.io_acc_h3{ margin-top:10px;}
.io_acc_ul{ list-style: none;}
.io_acc_li_img_thumb{ float:left; margin-right:10px; max-height:32px; max-width:32px;}
.io_acc_li_name{ float:left; margin-top: 5px; font-weight:bold;}
.io_acc_li_desc{ float:left; margin-top: 5px; font-size:smaller; margin-left:10px;}

Bugs fixed:

  • Prices: Hourly prices setup before 5/29/18 were converted to be priced per every 15 minutes instead of rounding to the next hour.
  • Quotes: When customers select an ‘upsell’ item, it will properly update the quote instead of making a new one (when prevent duplicate window is set)
  • Reports: Corrected Shift Position column to work correctly in custom lead reports
  • Quotes: Fixed issues with blackout dates not always saving properly
  • Quotes: Fixed issue with blacklisted customer being able to book
  • IO Phone: Fixed issue when multiple extensions used on same call schedule.
  • IO Phone: Customers dialing by extension now respects the call schedule.
  • IO Phone: Fixed issue related to transferring a call
  • Mobile App: Respect worker site permission settings for contract and packing list
  • Payments: Recharging cards now show as type ‘Credit’ instead of cim_charge
  • Vendors: Fixed issue where vendor items got switched to normal items
  • Workers: Fixed worker limit error for those on the event plan pricing
  • Taxcloud: Fixed issue with not being able to set tax categories on rentals any longer
  • Contract: Fixed contract so it doesn’t pop below the sign/pay section so easily on smaller screens
  • Surveys: Fixed issue Survey tab of lead sometimes including wrong details
  • Coupons: Fixed issue with Advanced Packages not always displaying correctly on Quote form
  • Vendors: Unsigned POs will now disappear from Overview->Vendors after 6 months past event date
  • Filters: Added some missing leads when filtering on custom fields for the ‘No’ option (unchecked)
  • Lead: Book date no longer gets overwritten if already set and lead is changed to a status that sets it
  • Tracking: Can pass gclid in quote URL to allow IO to track adword clicks in custom scenarios

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