Release: Mobile Workers’ Site

Please email us if you would like a trial of the worker’s add-on.

New Features:

  • Workers: The worker’s site has been redesigned and is mobile friendly

  • Workers: Multiple shifts assigned to worker are now combined if scheduled from the Delivery tool

  • Workers: Shift changes can now be auto-emailed to workers if changes are made to their shift

  • Workers: Increased permission control for worker’s site

  • Workers: Multiple unassigned shifts will now only show as one for workers signing up for shifts
  • Workers: Hide Unavailable Shifts option on worker profile will now hide shifts they aren’t working regardless of other permissions (previously the manager flag still allowed for this, but has now been removed).
  • Workers: Made the rental item’s pricing tab unavailable if the permission ‘Settings Pricing’ is set to none
  • Surveys: Can now delete survey results from the surveys tab of a lead
  • Surveys: Can now request that survey flags are off for different survey types
  • Delivery: Print a delivery route per vehicle

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Set the email ‘from name’ in auto emails to be consistent with the settings
  • Paypal: Adjusting wording for PayPal fees to avoid breaking their terms. Please note: Surcharging PayPal is against their terms and may result in suspension of your PayPal account
  • Quote Pages: Fixed issue with pricing calculation ignoring customer type
  • Quote Pages: Improved the printing layout on Chrome for Quotes
  • Quote Pages: Show rental price break-down setting has been removed. You must now use the variable *rentaltotalprice* to show rental prices on quote confirm page
  • Echeck: Becomes a payment type option on Lead when enabled in Payment settings for users
  • Promotions: Fixed issue when inactive rentals are part of a promotion
  • Reports: Fixed CSV export to escape characters properly so it will output correctly
  • Workers: Worker passwords can now be reset from the main login page

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