Release: Weather and Maps

Weather and Maps

We now show weather icons and details on all leads that are up to 3 days in the future. You can click the icon to go to and get more information.


Additionally, we’ve added a maps tab to each lead that will show you the route from your warehouse to the event address as well as a satellite photo of the destination. We’ve also made some improvements to our beloved QuickBooks sync that should speed up the sync and more.


New Features:

  • Weather and maps added to leads (see above)
  • Survey tab now links to unfinished surveys
  • Filter workers by position on the schedule tab
  • Added ability for travel time to be automatically calculated when editing the contract tab. See Settings -> General -> Automatically Estimate Travel Time

Bugs fixed:

  • Linked quantity now works on the Leads tab in addition to the Quote page
  • Quickbooks will no longer add events that have been cancelled (if you’ve set them to back to Quote status before the sync runs). If it’s already in QB, you’ll still need to manually remove it.
  • Fixed issue where worker shift and event times were not properly using daylight savings time

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