Release: Add a Cancel and Postponed Status


You can now add new statuses and customize your existing ones.

New Features:

  • Statuses: Customize your statuses by going to Settings->Account->Statuses. Warning: You can really screw things up if you choose options that don’t make sense, so please be careful.
  • Workers: You can now set specific workers so they can’t see all the unavailable shifts for events
  • Sales Reps: You can change your auto-emails to use the following so they are personalized.


phone=%salesrep_cellphone% or %salesrep_homephone% or %salesrep_officephone%


Bugs fixed:

  • Workers: Fixed issue where you couldn’t create or approve other workers logins through a worker user account.
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issue where you couldn’t view the Log and Queue when logged in through a worker user account.
  • Multi-Locations: Fixed an issue where mailing addresses weren’t being listed in Settings->Locations
  • Leads: Fixed print log button

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