Release: Delivery pin and reset button

New Features:

  • Delivery: Added a Reset button that will move assigned blocks back to the left.
  • Delivery: You can customize the rollover content of event locations map pins (under Settings->Customer Pages)


  • Customers: Added to export: customer type, locations, unsubscribes, bounces
  • Packing List: Made the default packing list mobile friendly.

Bugs fixed:

  • Contract: Made the contract and payment buttons more visible.
  • Delivery: Changed the wording from Deliveries to Setups and from Returns to Tear downs.
  • Leads: Fixed issue where advanced times couldn’t be reset.
  • Leads: Fixed conflict issue when saving a copy of an old lead not updating conflicts properly.
  • Leads: Fixed some speed/loading issues of events and categories.
  • Multi-Location: Fixed lead category listings when switching the lead’s location.
  • Multi-Location: Rentals now show all locations prices.
  • Multi-Location: Clicking the price of a rental will not take you to the price if it belongs to another location.
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed the initials to be required when signing.
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed the view button when working on the contract templates.
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed issue where some browsers wouldn’t check the required options of a rental
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed some of the error links for multi-location accounts.
  • New Quote Pages: Fixed issue on ‘options as separate unit’ items not selecting multiples of the parent.
  • Overview: Fixed display issues when clicking between overview tabs before the first was loaded.
  • Quickbooks: Fixed issues causing duplicate customer profiles being created.
  • Quickbooks: Added GST for Canadian provinces that don’t use HST

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