Release: Weather Alerts and New Wordpress Themes

Weather Alerts: Customer and staff can get alerted when inclement weather is detected. We record the phone call to the customer to reduce your liability.

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New Features:

  • Weather: Customers and staff can now be alerted when wind speeds are high. Activate under Settings->Alerts
  • Wordpress: New Themes available offering better integration.
  • Setup Fees: You can now charge a setup fee based on the time it takes to setup inventory. Activate under Settings->General->Staffing.
  • Filters: Can now filter by email template names. Use email_template:
  • Reporting: Added new columns: Lead $ Subtotal (taxable), Lead $ Subtotal (non-taxable), and Email Log
  • Delivery: The event pop-up block can now be customized under Settings->Pages
  • Quote Page: Added description to accessories when you hover over the name
  • Quote Page: Updated the ‘not available’ conflict checking to only include direct conflicts (and not nearby ones)
  • Quote Page: A Category named “Hidden” now automatically hides items from the Quote Page.

Bugs fixed:

  • Alerts: When customer clicks to book multiple times it now only sends out a single alert
  • Quote Page: Fixed some display issues for mobile view related to product images and descriptions.
  • Quote Page: Fixed item packages drop-down width issue
  • Packages: Fixed item packages to use required amount if max available not set with regard to override price.
  • Packages: Fixed issue with accessories pricing not updating when quantity changed on existing leads
  • Wordpress: Fixed broken category images for quote pages loaded through website.
  • IO Phone: When using extensions after hours, it will no longer error about missing extension.
  • Languages: Added missing ‘you must use mouse or figure to sign…’ message
  • Multi-Location: Fixed issue with optional fields not always being set right on new leads
  • Square: Fixed situation where payment could be made when conflicts exist causing overbooking
  • Filters: Improved performance when filtering by eventstate: or salesrep: or eventcity:

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