Release: Worker Scheduling and More!

If you are one of those business operators that enjoys having workers call you while you're sitting down for dinner with the family because they can't remember what time they are supposed to work tomorrow, InflatableOffice may not be for you. We've just released a full working version of our worker scheduling module, which includes a separate site just for your workers to view their schedule and update their contact information among other things. It even allows them to schedule work for themselves, saving you the burden of scheduling if you would like to run it that way. Of course there is an entire management section for you the administrator as well.

Worker Options: When workers login to the worker schedule at InflatableOffice they immediately see a monthly calendar. Workers can also view shifts in list form. This page shows two lists: one list shows that workers coming and past shifts. The other list shows all coming shifts. They are also able to update their personal info to keep you up to date on how to contact them as well as a way to reset their password if they have forgotten without any interaction from you. Workers may register on their own, or you can input them into the system. If they register themselves, you are sent an alert that you must approve them before they can login to the system.

Automated Self Scheduling: Now we've seen customers run their worker scheduling two different ways. We recommend allowing workers to schedule themselves because it takes the burden from you. Simply collect a pool of workers and turn them loose. They will compete for work on your site. Alternatively, you may assign workers when you schedule the shift. Of course you can always mix the two as well.

Worker Ranks: As you find workers that you like better than others, you can assign them a higher rank within the admin section. Ranks range from 1, which allows the worker to sign up for any shifts within two weeks of the current time, to 5, which allows the worker to sign up for any shift that is listed. InflatableOffice shows them which shifts they are able to sign up for and why they are not able to sign up for a shift (conflicts with another of their shifts or they have to wait until a certain date due to their rank). This system is a great way to motivate workers to work harder without increasing pay. It also ensures that your best workers get the most work.

Worker Administration: Inside InflatableOffice you as the administrator can easily approve workers, update their information, change their ranks, delete them from the system, view their shift history, and more.

Other Updates: Aside from the workers update, we've also made a number of minor updates. One of the most notable is logic that prevents duplicate quotes from being created. If a customer requests the same quote that they previously requested within an hour of the time they requested the previous quote, InflatableOffice will simply direct them to that previously created quote. This feature keeps you from having duplicate quotes cluttering your records. Check out these and other updates at!

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