Release: Automated Emails & Rental Options

InflatableOffice now emails your customers for you, saving you time and generating more business! We've added automated emails to the premium package. Emails can be scheduled to be sent for quote follow-up, to confirm receipt of contracts and payments, yearly reminders, event reminders, and more.

We've also added some great features to allow you to better define your rentals. You can now list combo items separately (Bungee/Joust Combo, Bungee Run, and Joust), and we will still track availability. You can also add options to rentals such as boxes of sugar for your Cotton Candy Machine or mod panels, and we will still track availability. Now you can also upload pictures for any rental and the picture and description will display in an attractive pop up box when your customer hovers over the rental name.

Automated Emails: InflatableOffice now has automated emails for Premium subscribers. We have default settings already setup for you to hit the ground running, but if you want to customize or disabled any of the automatic emails, you can do so in your admin account (in Settings->Email Settings). Currently, we send out the following automated emails:

* Quote Follow-Up

* Yearly Reminders for Past Customers

* Yearly Reminders for Past Quotes

* Reminders for Customers to Return Contracts

* Event Reminder with Details for Customers

* Confirmation of Received Contracts and Payments

* And More to Come!

These automated emails take the pressure off you in the office by doing much of the work for you. They also help to continually keep you in contact with customers and potential customers so that you can generate more business income with ease.

Combo Rentals: Now you can list variations of your rentals on your quote page, and InflatableOffice still will track their availability. We call them children. What does this mean? It means you can make a child rental of your obstacle course called a rock slide. It can have its own price structure, picture, and description. It will be shown as another rental item as far as your customer is concerned, but we know better. And because we know they are really the same item, we'll track the availability of them properly. We also check to see if you have any other rentals with the same name and instead of having two rentals with the same name on your rental list, we automatically just adjust the quantity available.

Rental Options: Now you can also add options to rentals. This works great for concession supplies and mod panels. You add the option once and can then associate it with any rentals (or rental children), and we will track its availability.

Rental Pictures: InflatableOffice now also allows you to upload pictures for each rental, rental child, and option. Rental pictures and descriptions show up on your quote page. When your customer hovers over a rental, an attractive balloon pops up with the picture and description that you defined for the rental.

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