Release: Mobile App, Free Website Designs, and QB Online

We're excited to announce the simultaneous release of mobile apps optimized for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android phone and tablets.

Also, we have completed QuickBooks Online integration available for free to all customers.

Additionally, we've prepared several premium Wordpress themes that are freely available to our Wordpress integration customers (there is only a $299 fee if you need us to install it. We will provide basic install instructions for free).

Preview our selection of Wordpress designs

New Features:

  • Mobile: We now have an Apple and Android app available in app stores
  • Quickbooks: We now support QB Online version (US only, contractor pay feature not included)
  • Wordpress: You can now use any theme on for free
  • Wordpress: Rental products now support up to 4 images. Contact us for details
  • Wordpress: Can now set a custom description for panels
  • Wordpress: We created a single plug-in for integration. Instructions here.
  • Emails: You can now use decimals in the automatic emails such that .5 = 12 hours

Bugs fixed:

  • Security: We recently did a security audit to reduce vulnerabilities
  • DNS: Created backup DNS servers in case Dyn is attacked again in the future
  • Leads: Handle pricing better when event times are not in 15 min interval
  • Surveys: If an item is set to not display on quote confirm, it will also be hidden on surveys
  • Rentals: When creating a child item, the packing list and upsell edits now save
  • Delivery: Fixed issue causing the pop-up on pins to not always show

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