Release: Sales Tools, Custom Charts, & Worker Time Clock

Sales Tools, Custom Charts, & Worker Time Clock

It’s said that 71% of leads are never followed-up with. See how our new CRM/Sales Module will make sure that 100% of your leads get attention.

See all your customer communication in one place.

Get setup fast with InflatableOffice before your season gets too hectic and take advantage of all our new updates. We’ll even import your data from your current software. Get started now!

Recent Updates:

  • Sales List: See the most urgent leads on top
  • Task Manager: Assign, track, and link tasks
  • Custom Charts: Colorful charts for easy data analysis
  • Time Clock: Mobile clock in/out with geolocation capture
  • Many, many more every month

Popular Features:

  • Automated bookings and contracts
  • Automated emails to remind and follow-up with workers and customers
  • Integration with Quickbooks, Google Calendar, Wordpress and more
  • Delivery and routing tools to make scheduling deliveries easier
  • Worker scheduling and payroll features
  • Mobile Customer and Worker pages

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Guaranteed 15% Growth or Your Money Back

Sign up and start using InflatableOffice by the end of May 2016 and you qualify for our “15% growth or your money back” guarantee. If you use our software for a year and don’t see at least 15% growth, you can cancel your subscription and we will give you your subscription money back - all of it. We have seen much higher growth numbers from our clients, so we are confident that InflatableOffice will help you grow at least 15% your first year of using it. See the complete terms when registering.

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