Release: Custom Worker Training Programs & Delivery Tool Updates

Create and Send Out Custom Training Programs to Your Workers (more info)

Add Return to Warehouse blocks to delivery schedule & add shifts for loading/unloading vehicles

New Features:

  • Training: Create and send out custom training programs to your workers
  • Delivery: Auto load now does a better job route optimization
  • Delivery: Return to warehouse ability added
  • Delivery: Shifts scheduled outside of a delivery will now show up as ‘warehouse work’ (these can be added or removed by the shifts pop-up on the delivery tool)
  • Delivery: Can now swap vehicles easily (click the name of the vehicle)

  • Surveys: You can now customize surveys yourself under Settings->Advanced
  • Wordpress: Now generates a page with all the categories listed and a page with all the items listed
  • Workers: Changing Overview->Upcoming Schedule to show shift date instead of event date

Bugs fixed:

  • Alerts: Fixed phone number links in alert emails
  • Rentals: Fixed a bug when the required link quantity was over 10
  • Adwords: Can now add a conversion ID to prevent duplicates in adwords report
  • Taxcloud: Continued bug fixes in certain scenarios
  • Emails: Fixed send manually to always go to email listed in the box
  • Templates: Updated template editor to now properly handle javascript
  • Square: Prevent duplicate payments
  • Delivery: Can now edit multiple shifts at the same time
  • Delivery: Now more likely to round up the travel time
  • Delivery: Fixed several bugs that were causing overlaps of deliveries and other glitches
  • Vendors: Fixed bug with signing POs not always showing as signed
  • Workers: Contractor pay now takes quantity of rentals into account

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