Release: Google Voice Integration

Note: Google Voice integration is no longer supported and has been replaced with IO Phone.

Google Voice Integration

You can see statistics that tell you how your office staff is performing.

New Features:

  • Contracts: You can now print multiple lead contracts at once from the Leads page. Set your filters, then choose Contracts from the drop-down at the bottom.
  • Fees: You can now charge a fee if one item is rented without renting another item. Select ‘not rented’ from the pay section when setting up a fee (under Settings->Promotion & Fees)
  • Fees: You can now charge a fee if the total is less than a set amount.
  • Google Voice: You can now integrate with google voice. Go to Settings->Google Voice to setup. Statistics will show up Overview->Phone.
  • Leads: You can now filter by delivery type under More Filters
  • Leads: You can now set a default for all of the option fields and event notes under Settings->Optional Fields. This will affect both a new lead, and a new quote.

Bugs fixed:

  • Deliveries: Made the default size of blocks larger if setup time is not defined on an event
  • Deliveries: For 15min size setups, made the map icon is now visible
  • Emails: Fixed issue causing additional note fields to not be included in emails
  • International: Fixed issue where NaN would appear when editing a lead
  • Multi-Location: Fixed the drop-downs on leads to be filtered by the lead’s location
  • Multi-Location: Adding only a quick-add item to a lead will require a location to be selected
  • Multi-Location: Made it so you can select multiple locations on payroll report instead of just one
  • Workers: Fixed issue where workers couldn’t view the new delivery documents
  • Workers: Inactive workers will no longer show in sales rep drop-down (unless already assigned)
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