Sales CRM - Task Reminders


Task Reminders allows you to create new todo items that are associated with a lead or customer, and can be assigned to certain workers (or an email address). The person responsible will be notified within 15 minutes after the remind time.

Creating New Tasks

Only the account owner, or workers with the proper permissions, can create new tasks. Simply click the checkmark icon, highlighted in green in the image above, on the uppermost toolbar. Status must not be Completed in order for the reminder to trigger.

Worker Assign Permissions:

You can set worker permissions to affect whether they can see other peoples stuff in the list or not:

  • Todo Assign: None (not allowed to assign tasks)
  • Todo Assign: Read Only (See everyone's task but not assign task other than to themselves)
  • Todo Assign: Full Access (See and assign everyone's tasks)

Permissions for Editing:

  • Todo Edit: None (Invisible to them)
  • Todo Edit: Read Only (Can change task status' only)
  • Todo Edit: Full Access (Can edit and add tasks)


Badge reminders show on the green circle when the reminder date has passed and the task isn't yet complete. If you login as the administrator, the badge count includes all badge reminders. If you login as a worker, the badge count includes badge reminders assigned to you or unassigned badge reminders. The email should go to the worker assigned to it or the email entered in that field. If you don't click the worker from the list, it will only take your input as text and not link to the worker's email. Flags at this time only appear on the overview page.


Make sure the auto email Worker - Task Reminder is active in the email center. Notifications emails are sent within 15 minutes after the remind at time.


Tasks can be automatically added to your google calendar.
If the calendar option is disabled for you, this is not fully set up yet in your account correctly. 

For google calendar integration, you'll need to setup a new google calendar integration:
1. Go to Settings --> Google Calendar
2. Click New Calendar
3. Set the start/end to Task Start and Task End

Then, when creating tasks, it must have a Remind At date and time, it must be associated with a Lead, and you have to check the Calendar box.

Suggested google calendar template:
title: (%todo_assignedto%) %todo_task% w/%organization_force%



%eventstreet% %eventcity%, %eventstate% %eventzip%

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks can be set to Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. When you set a recurring task, IO will add a few of those tasks to the task manager automatically, and keep adding them over time. If you set a recurring task to Never later on, all of the tasks that have reminders set in the future will automatically be deleted upon saving. If you save the status of a recurring task to Completed or Rejected, you will get a popup dialog asking you if you would like to delete all other open related recurring tasks or just save the current task. You will need the Workers Module to create task reminders.

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