Release: Recharge cards, customize worker’s site

New Features:

  • Emails: Added alert for when an event is cancelled. It will also warn you if there are shifts on the event.
  • Payments: You can now re-charge a credit card when using

If the customer has made a payment in the past, when you click Add Payment, you’ll see an option to charge their card. This only works with direct integration (not with emulators).

Activate this option in your Payment Settings and also on your account by going to Account, Merchant Profile, Additional Services, then Sign Up for Customer Information Mangager (CIM). There may be a fee.

  • Receipts: You can now customize receipt templates under Settings->Customer Pages
  • Rentals: There is now an Accessories tab on the Rentals page to make it easier to find
  • Workers: You can now customize the details that show on the worker’s site by going to Settings->Customer Pages

Bugs fixed:

  • Attachments: We now respond to let you know if a lead attachment fails
  • Conflicts: Fixed issues with yellow conflicts (warning when there might be a conflict) not showing up when auto-calc travel time was off
  • Delivery Printing: Fixed issue where signed contracts were not showing the signature
  • Emails: Fixed issue where survey alert was not sending
  • Emails: Fixed email logging to not show duplicates and to show unsubscribes and bounced messages better
  • Emails: Deposit due emails not going out properly when only custom deposits on rentals were used
  • Leads: Fixed weather display
  • Ohio: You can now set the ohio itinerary value when editing a rental
  • Overview: Fixed issue with balance/deposit due amounts on report and made it run faster
  • Payments: Now sending tax and PO number to for level 2 data
  • Quickbooks: Improved interface for diagnosing quickbooks issues
  • Workers: Prevented workers from being able to deletes their own profile

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