Release: Black-Out Dates, Packing List & Directions for Grouped Shifts

New Features:

  • Black-Out Dates: We’ve made it easier to enter black-out dates. Now you can also specify whether you want to prevent quotes or bookings as well. Go to Settings->Online Quoting (under Integration).

  • Workers Site: You can now easily get to packing lists, directions, and contracts for grouped shifts (when a shift is scheduled from the Delivery tool and spans multiple events).

  • Prices: There is a new Natural Language price type. Build your pricing in a way that you would speak a sentence.

  • Contracts: We now prevent signing and payments on contracts for leads not in a reserved status.
  • Status: The statuses on the top of a lead are now in a scrolling box to make it easier to see for those with many statuses.
  • Overview Sales: You can now click on the sales number in the YTD Sales by Month table to get a report of what leads are contributing the the total.
  • Emails: Added new automatic template for Admin created recent quotes.
  • Rentals: Deleting a rental will automatically set it to inactive if it cannot be deleted.

Bugs fixed:

  • Task Reminder: Fixed several issues with multiple location accounts
  • Status: Fixed issue where custom statuses were not showing correctly when creating new lead from customer address book.
  • Payments: Fixed issue where status didn’t properly upgrade when customer paying full balance
  • Permissions: Removed confusing permission settings that had no effect.
  • Lead Filters: You can now delete lead filters

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