Release: Vendor Updates

If you create multiple vendor items with the same name but assigned to different companies, the system will send out pricing & availability requests to all of these vendors when the item with (Multi Vendor) is selected.

You can adjust the details manually as well (when viewing the event tab of a lead).

You can send a PO to the vendor to confirm the reservation (on the Contract tab of a lead).

New Features:

  • Mobile App: Faster load times, save filters, & save copy of a lead
  • Vendors: Can now send purchase orders from contract tab
  • Vendors: Can now get quotes from multiple vendors
  • Customers: Customer Title & Address Line 2 added as optional fields by going to Settings->Optional Fields
  • Customers: Customers can now be marked as inactive. Also, deleting a customer that has leads will now make customer record inactive instead of deleting the leads
  • Calendar: You can now customize the pop-up on the Calendar by going to Settings->Pages/Templates->Calendar Quotes Hover
  • Alerts: Document’s Printed Alert now available that will notify the person who printed a doc when any changes are made after a contract, packing list, or route sheet is printed
  • Images: Files are now named with SEO in mind
  • Rentals: You can now add a new category when editing a rental item

Bugs fixed:

  • CRM: Prevent email reminders on tasks not linked to a Lead
  • Packing List: Accessories now follow surface specific packing lists
  • Vendor: Can now add multiple vendor items with same name rental name
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue if item is named the same as another, where they share a page, and then later one of those item names is changed
  • Leads: Fixed issue with inactive items re-calculating prices when they shouldn’t
  • Conflicts: Fixed issues with unselected accessories not always showing conflicts properly until after updating
  • Tax: Fixed issue with the tax amount changing after clicking the tax amount when viewing a lead
  • Promotion: A coupon/package that was successfully applied to a lead will stay applied once assigned to the lead even if it becomes ineligible later.
  • Delivery: Cost estimate wasn’t including the final return to warehouse cost
  • Delivery: Assigning shifts that fall outside of a delivery block will now warn you

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