Release: New delivery method options and more

New Features:

  • Leads: You can now configure additional restrictions to time and rentals via Settings->Delivery Methods

  • Languages: You can now edit the error messages on quote pages under Settings->Advanced->Languages.
  • Texting: You can now send your customer a text via the Email button on the Event tab.
  • Texting: You can now send your workers a text via the Email button on the Shifts tab.
  • Rentals: Easily copy the packing list for a new rental from an existing one

  • Contracts: You can now have certain contract templates use a specific contract page (for example, so that vendor’s will get a contract page w/o the payment details section). Go to your Settings ->Contract Templates and set your non-customer contract’s to use a different contract page.
  • Workers: Added ability to reduce auto-logout time. Contact us to modify it.
  • Leads: Can now filter by adwords: all or adwords: none by typing it in the keyword box.
  • Leads: Can now filter by amount due by typing due: <a number>.
  • Contracts: You can now disable a contract on a lead to keep it from being signed (allowing you to keep a record of it but preventing customer from signing old contract)
  • Leads: Can now see normal rate of item even if discounted by hovering over $ sign on a lead. For contracts you can use the variables %rentalunitprice_orig% or %rentaltotalprice_orig% so customers can see which items were discounted and which weren’t.

  • Leads: Automatically clears setup and tear down windows that conflict when event dates and times are changed.
  • Packing Lists: Worker shift list variable now will have a warning if event times were changed after shifts were scheduled.
  • Workers: Permission added so Request Off only alerts admin and does not send to workers.
  • Routing: Items to print will be set to last used when print routes page reloaded.
  • Routing: Shifts can now be edited from routing page, preventing many duplicate email reminders to workers.
  • Emails: Improved handling of email bounces by automatically trying with a different server
  • Promotions: Ability to exclude multiple delivery types from a promotion.
  • CRM: Imap integration is now available for multi-location accounts so the emails are limited by location access.
  • Leads: You can now see a break-down of delivery and surface fees by clicking on them while viewing a lead. You can also print them on contracts with *delivery_distance*, *delivery_surface*, and *delivery_method*

Bugs fixed:

  • Routing: Print routes now shows the venue name (if set) instead of the organization name
  • Routing: Print routes css issues fixed
  • Routing: Leads with non-delivery type delivery methods no longer shown as needing scheduled
  • Leads: CRM tasks now deleted when associated lead or customer is deleted
  • Contracts: If deposit is $0, it is hidden and the balance is selected when contract is viewed
  • Workers: Registration requires state
  • Pages: Contact form allows datepicker control
  • Packing Lists: Shift list no longer duplicates when group shift is used
  • Leads: Zero payments prevented on contract tab
  • Leads: Fixed sorting issues
  • CRM: Fixed issue with notes showing multiple times
  • Leads: Improved messages when recharging cards
  • Rentals: Improved GUI for pricing
  • Wordpress: Cousin items now properly combine. You’ll have to edit and save a rental to cause it to re-sync

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