Release: Delivery Crew Scheduling

Delivery Crew Scheduling


You can schedule the delivery crew by clicking the calendar next to each vehicle name. These shifts will be created on each lead that is assigned to that vehicle. So if a delivery and a return for the same lead is scheduled on the same vehicle, a shift will be created for both the delivery and the return. These shifts are linked to the vehicle, so that if you make adjustments and save the routing page, they will be adjusted as well.


You’ll be able to see the shifts that are linked to the vehicle on the schedule tab and will still be able to create shifts that are not linked (for event staffing).

New Features:

  • Adwords: Leads coming from Google Adwords will now show an icon on the lead and when hovering the keyword they used will show.
  • Delivery: You can now schedule worker shifts from the Delivery tool. Any shifts created here are linked with the vehicle delivery schedule. This can be used to easily schedule your delivery crews, but not your event staff.
  • Overview: Flagged events now include the date it was flagged.
  • Promotions: You can now create promotions that can be used only for tracking purposes by putting in $0 on the ‘Get’ side.

Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed issue where conflicts were not always showing properly for unselected items.
  • Delivery: The print button from the delivery tool has been changed to only print events that have been scheduled with the delivery tool. Bulk printing of packing lists and contracts for non-scheduled events should be done from the leads page.
  • Emails: Fixed issue where auto emails set to go out at 0 days were using a default value instead.
  • Emails: Fixed issue where training links sent to workers were not correct.
  • Emails: Fixed issue where certain emails were not going out when they were flagged for follow-up.
  • Leads: Fixed issue where rentals wouldn’t show on the hover after a status change.
  • Multi-Location: Made it so the price and category don’t get reset when editing an item assigned to more than one location.
  • Multi-Location: Unselected items priced strictly by location will now use the location of the lead to calculate the price.
  • Multi-Location: Fixed issue where the calendar day view wasn’t showing availability correct for items belonging to multiple locations when All was set as location.
  • Rentals: When creating a new price category it will error if you don’t enter an amount.

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