Leads - Weather/Wind Alerts

We now monitor current local weather conditions for events and alert both you and your company when the wind reaches a certain threshold. Weather stations are often as close as 1-2 miles from the event. We check for both wind speed and wind gusts. When the wind gets above 15mph (this can also be set per inventory item) the customer can be called and a recording played to warn the customer of the safety risks. This call is recorded so in case something is damaged or someone is injured, you can provide evidence that they received the warning, which might reduce your liability. 


The weather is checked every 15 minutes; starting at the event setup through the event tear-down.

Activate Alerts

Under Settings -> Alerts, you can activate the alert for both you and your Customer. You will receive an email and the customer will receive both an email and a phone call.

Voicemail Alert

If you are using IO Phone, the call to the customer will appear from your IO Phone number, otherwise, we use a generic number. The content of the call and email can be modified under Settings -> General Preferences.

It will only try to call once within 24 hours and will only call between the hours of 8am and 9pm local time. The order of preference is cell, office, home.

Modifying Thresholds

You can modify the default wind alert thresholds under Settings -> General Preferences. You can also override the setting for certain items by modifying that inventory item under Advanced Settings. If all the items rented are set to 0 the alert will not send.

Prevent the Alert for Certain Events

The alerts aren't sent if the surface type is Indoor or Gym. They also aren't sent if all the items in the event (excluding inactive and accessories) are set to 0.

If a call is made, you'll be able to see it on the CRM tab and the Log tab of a lead. The log tab will also show you a summary of the weather reports.

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