Website - Integrating with Your Own Custom Shopping Cart

This article is for if you are not using our WordPress or API integration, and would like to integrate your existing websites shopping cart into the software. 

This feature will likely require help from a software developer. It is made to work with your website’s existing shopping cart. It doesn’t build a shopping cart for you. Basically, the checkout button of your shopping cart will call your the software quote page.

  1. Change the ‘checkout’ button on your shopping cart to point to your Quote Request page.
  2. Modify the link to include the names of the selected items in this format &rental_names=NAME+OF+ITEM-QTY|ANOTHER+ITEM-QTY
  3. Ensure that the names of the rides on your website match exactly the names of the items in the software

Example link:|Inflatable+Joust-2|Dunk+Tank


Use a colon if you want to include accessories in the selected items:

If you only want the items sent over in the URL to be visible on the checkout page, then use the below parameters in the URL as well.


Example link:

Have Quote Page Act like Shopping Cart

If you pass clear_rentals=0 into the URL then it will keep the contents of what was previously sent as selected on the quote form. Sending clear_rentals=1 (or not sending clear_rentals=0) will clear the selected items.

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