Website- Getting Started with your New Website

InflatableOffice websites are flexible and can be suited to your business. 

By default all of our websites will give you the following functionality:

  • Automatic Inventory Sync with whatever inventory is in your account
  • Live pricing, pictures, details on all of your products
  • Online Booking/Quoting
  • Built in shopping cart
  • Upselling of add on products
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Site support in case it goes down or isn't functioning properly
  • Up to date security certificate

Our Essentials package comes with no development time included, any changes you wish to make to your template site are up to you without one of our paid site packages. You can review our web development packages here, our team is available to design your dream site whenever you are ready!

Here are recommended tasks and changes to personalize your site!

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