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SEO can play a critical role in the success of your business. However, learning about SEO and how to effectively implement best practices can be a daunting process. In this article, we supply you with the resources to learn, implement, and monitor your SEO efforts. We also list a few third party tools you can use to maximize your SEO performance.


Video: SEO Basics
Rank up in Google by following this simple guide. This video discusses basic category SEO, Google review gathering, adding keywords to pages, and their associated title and description.

Article: Website - SEO Rank Tracking
This article details how you can see your Google SEO rank based on the keywords that you are targeting. You can show your rank as well as your volume right in InflatableOffice/EventOffice.

Article: Website - City Landing Pages
Use city landing pages on your website to help rank higher for keywords in a specific nearby town or city. This guide shows you how to use our software to generate these automatically.


Video: Steps to Optimize Your Event Rental Website with Keyword Research!
Keyword research for your event rental website is THE first step to optimizing your website with effective SEO. This video covers how to hone in on your event rental business niche and generate those niche keywords. You will also learn the difference between short keywords and long-tail keyword optimization.

Video: Determining Keywords for Your Party and Events Website
In this video, we show you how to do some basic keyword research for your event rental website. This will allow you to create and add content to your website using what ranks for your event rental business and what your customers most want to find.

Video: Working with Keywords in Yoast on You WordPress Site | InflatableOffice
This video explains how to use keywords on your event rental website, landing pages, and other high-touch areas of your website.


Video: Advanced Local and Off-Site SEO for Event Rental Businesses
This video details advanced local and off-site SEO. Take a deep dive into understanding geographical areas and how to tie your services into their content to allow for localization.

Video: Advanced Event Rental SEO including Backlinks, Broken Links, and Other Tricks
This advanced SEO video teaches link building, backlinks, off-site and local SEO, broken link monitoring, best practices, and negative SEO.

Third Party Software for Maximizing and Monitoring your SEO Efforts

Google My Business
GMB is an essential tool to have in your business tool box. If you don’t already have an account, you need to get one. Get a GMB account here.

Video: Google My Business (GMB)

This video covers Google My Business. Details about GMB posts, offers, and how those work in InflatableOffice/EventOffice are discussed.


AccuRanker is a search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) tool that enables you to import keywords indexed by search engines into an intuitive and powerful web-based solution. Though it is only used to monitor the progress of your keywords, its reporting is comprehensive and unparalleled in the industry. You can learn about those reports here:

Video: An explanation of Accuranker reports


GTMetrix is a website performance analytics tool. The key objective of GTMetrix is to analyze the performance of your website and provide you with a list of actionable recommendations to improve it.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices, and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved. You can learn more about PageSpeed Insights with this video: Monitoring Your Event Rental Website Health and Speed

The Bottom Line

SEO is complex. You can learn, implement, and monitor it yourself. But why would you want to? We are here to help!
If you would like to hire us to handle your website SEO, we offer paid services that track your ranking progress with various keywords and cities and ensure that they are moving up on a regular basis. You can learn more here about our paid SEO services.

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