Guide for Working with External Web Developers

Are you opting to collaborate with an external web development firm rather than using our in-house design services? This guide is tailor-made for you. We're all about flexibility and empowering you to make the best choices for your business. So, let’s dive into the smartest way to get your website up and running with InflatableOffice.

Option 1: Begin with our already integrated site (The Preferred Path!)

How It Works: InflatableOffice hands you a ready-to-personalize template site. Your developers can then fine-tune, modify, or completely overhaul the design elements as they see fit.

Why It’s Great: It’s all about simplicity and speed. Plus, you get the InflatableOffice support team’s help to launch and host the site.

Who It’s For: Perfect for those who want a swift and straightforward setup without getting bogged down in the technical nitty-gritty.

The clear advantages:

Speedy Setup: Get your site live quickly, without the fuss of complex integration steps.

Design Freedom: Your developers can unleash their creativity, knowing the site's infrastructure is solid and ready for customization.

Hassle-Free Support: We’re here to help launch your site and offer a managed hosting environment.

Tiny Things to Consider:

If you have content on another site, you’ll need to move it over, which we’ve made as seamless as possible.

Should you choose to host elsewhere, migrating the site is straightforward.

Why We Recommend Option 1:

It saves a substantial amount of developer time and effort, allowing them to focus on creating a bespoke design that captures your brand’s essence.

You won’t have to learn the intricacies of plugin integration—start with a robust framework and customize to your heart’s content.

Option 2: Integrate with Your Current WordPress Site

How It Works: You or your developer installs the InflatableOffice plugin on your WordPress site, a process that includes manual steps like account syncing and plugin configuration. Documentation for this type of project can be found here.

Who It’s For: This is suitable if you already have a WordPress site and need specific customizations, have developer resources, and aren’t in a rush to launch.

However, it’s important to note:

  • First-time Familiarization: If this is your team's first project with InflatableOffice, keep in mind there's a learning curve. Initial integrations often have more hiccups and delays as you become accustomed to the unique aspects of our platform.
  • It can be quite complex and time-consuming.
  • You’ll need to navigate a detailed setup, which might lead to potential syncing issues, especially with existing themes and plugins.
  • It’s ideal if you have a flexible timeline and a considerable budget for development work.

Integration Caution:

When integrating InflatableOffice into an existing website, complexities can arise. This combination may lead to technical challenges that are beyond our scope of support. We are not liable for issues encountered during such integrations. However, if problems are directly linked to our software, we can attempt to provide the necessary support to investigate them. To ensure compatibility and minimize risks, we recommend starting with our pre-designed website templates.

The Decision-Making Guide

When you’re deciding which option to go for, weigh these elements:

  • Do you have technical help on hand?
  • How quickly do you need your website operational?
  • How much do you value customization against ease and speed?
  • What’s your budget for setup and ongoing maintenance?

In summary, if you’re after a tailored website and have the time and technical resources, integrating with an existing site is doable. But, if you value efficiency and a hassle-free process, a pre-set InflatableOffice site is your golden ticket to online success. This approach isn’t just about getting you started quickly — it’s about setting you up for long-term agility and growth. 

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