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To create a popup on your site, you must first log in to your WordPress website.

Create new Popup Template
From your WordPress dashboard, go to: Templates --> Popups --> Add new --> Create --> Select the template you would like to use (If you do not like the premade ones, you can make one from scratch) → drag and drop what you would like to include on your popup.

Conditions – Apply current template to these pages:
The website will ask when you would like these popups to display. (Example: If you would like for your popup to appear on your homepage, you would choose Singular --> Front page) – you may exclude your popup from appearing on certain pages, such as the Checkout page or the quote page.

Triggers – What action the user needs to do for the popup to open:
The website will want to know when you would like your popups to appear. (Example: If you would like your user to see the popups immediately, toggle on On Page Load.) If you would like the user to see the popups after scrolling down 50% of the page, you may select On Scroll --> Direction: Down --> Enter % of the page you would like the user to scroll before a popup appears. You may select more than one of these options.

Advanced Rules – Requirements that have to be met for the popup to open:
This allows you to select when you would like the popups to appear, as they can be very overwhelming to your users. Toggle on any of the options available (you may choose as many as you would like to).

To view how your popups appear, you can open a new tab or window and go to your website. If you are not satisfied with the amount of popups, you may go back and change this at any time. 

Here is a more detailed video, too.

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