IO Phone - Pricing

Pricing for IO Phone is on a month to month basis and will be different for customers with the workers module

Without Workers Module:

If you do not have the workers module on your account the pricing is a flat $65/mo for the phone service with unlimited minutes/texts. You will have the option to direct calls to 3 possible phone numbers that the system can ring when accepting incoming calls or calling out from.

With Workers Module:

If you have the workers module on the account you will be billed the $65/mo for the phone system and unlimited automated text messages. 

In addition to the base plan you will have a per-user charge: For every user on the phone system that exceeds 100 minutes or 100 manual text messages through our phone system within a calendar month, that user will be billed as $50 for the calendar month. After they exceed that usage they are on an unlimited plan for the calendar month. Each new calendar month the user count resets to 0, so your bill will vary and depend on the number of users exceeding the 100 minute or 100 manual text message threshold.

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