IO Phone - Billing

There are two places to view your IO Phone billing, the Subscription page and the Billing page inside of the IO Phone settings. Both of them will have valuable information. IO Phone is billed with different periods than your subscription. While your subscription may be valid from the 5th of one month to the 4th of the next, IO Phone is billed by calendar month. So when we bill on the 5th in the example above, we are billing IO Phone usage charges for the entire month previous. We are not including the current month's charges from the 1st to the 5th.  

Subscription Page

At the top of the subscription page you will see your plans, which will include IO Phone. Clicking the link there or clicking on the sidebar IO Phone item, will take you to the IO Phone section of the subscription page which contains much more detailed information.  

There, you will see some statistics on your usage as well as your current usage and some historical billed amounts. Clicking on either amounts will take you to the IO Phone Billing page and show you a detailed breakdown of all your calls and texts. 

Billing Page

The billing page contains a list of your archived phone bills and current usages. The bills are broken out by minute/text for legacy view and by number/worker for our current billing plans. The top of the bill provides a summary while the remainder shows a detailed view of all calls and texts appropriately categorized.  

Text Messaging

While texting plans are unlimited, we do throttle and have limits in place for billable outbound messages to prevent abuse whether intentional or accidental. Additionally our API has rate limiting of 300 requests every 300 seconds. Texting limits are 200/hour, 300/day, 1500/week. If the limit is hit, you may still send manual text messages, including through the API but not via an automation, at the rate of 1 message every 5 minutes. Certain system text messages sent on your behalf such as wind alerts are unbillable and are not counted in these limits.

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