IO Phone - Texting Multiple Numbers

IO Phone allows you to send group texts by simple adding multiple numbers/contacts to the to field. When sending a group text, all parties will be on the thread, see the same message, and see responses.  

Sometimes you want to send the same message to multiple numbers/customers/workers but you do not want them all on the same thread. Oftentimes, if you are sending a message template out, the information would be different for each party, so you would want to send separate text messages. You can do that by filtering and then selecting the customers/workers that you would like to text and then choosing the text option from the drop down button. We will display the count of how many parties are selected, and if you hover over it, we will show you more information.  


When working with leads you have the option to text to the customer or workers on the lead once you select some leads. After texting multiple parties, you will receive feedback telling you how many messages were sent.  

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