IO Phone - Timeouts

There are a number of situation where we will end a process, or timeout. You can read about some of them here.

Warm Transfers:

  • Wait for 30 seconds. If the transfer is still unanswered, we make the initiator aware by speaking “Transfer was unsuccessful” and redirect back to the hold main menu
  • If neither the recipient nor the company has a voicemail box, we will consider the warm transfer as failed if the initiator hung up and the recipient did not pick up. We disconnect the call if this case

Return Transfers:

  • We wait 30 seconds for the transfer to be picked up before we return the unanswered transfer back to the originator
  • If the originator doesn’t pick up in time (based upon personal or company voicemail delay), we send the customer to that voicemail if it exists


  • If we attempt to go to personal/company voicemail and one does not exist, we will instead go to a text-to-speech voicemail fallback after 30 seconds: “Sorry, this company has not yet set up a voicemail box” and the call will be disconnected.

Placed Calls:

  • When we initiate the B-leg of a placed call (from the IO Phone number to the customer’s number), we will wait 90 seconds for them to pick up before explicitly hanging up.
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