IO Phone - Text Message Templates

Text messages have proven to be powerful sales and marketing tools as well as great ways to communicate with your workers.  You may find yourself sending the same content regularly, so we have made it simple to compile text message templates that you can use variables in to fill-in personalized information.  

Moving text/SMS templates to their own area, allows us to minimize the number of segments that you are billed for by removing HTML and white space or special character codes that were prevalent when we had the text templates with the email templates.  

Presently there are only 2 types of text templates:
1) manual templates
2) worker shift reminder auto templates
We will be adding more templates over time.

Remember though, you can always take a manual text template and make it automated in the Automations area.

When manually texting from the phone bar or dialer, clicking in the text message template box will show a list of your templates that you can search by typing a few characters in the input. Once you find the  template you want, simply click it to use it. We will fill in the template variables when possible. Sometimes when sending to multiple leads/workers, we can't fill this information in until we do the sending.  

If you were wondering, segments are how many 160 character blocks are required to send your text message. We are billed and so we also bill you by the segment. 

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