IO Phone - Statistics

One of the most powerful components of IO Phone is the ability to see, analyze, and make decisions based on company and individual employee statistics.  

Company Statistics

Incoming: This is a tally of all incoming calls to your company. This will be the summation of Missed, Voicemail, and Received calls.
Missed: These are all the calls that came in and no one answered and the customer did not reach the voicemail. It could be that no one answered because it was in the middle of the night, but it could also be because they were watching YouTube videos.  
Voicemail: This is the count of all voicemails left at the company for the period. These are a form of a missed call, but are not counted as missed calls. To get your true missed calls, you would sum the missed calls and voicemails.  
Received: These are the calls that were connected directly to some worker in your company for any duration of time.
Placed:  This is the total of calls placed from your IO Phone numbers from everyone in your company.  
Total Duration:
This is the total recorded time of all incoming and placed calls.  

Employee Statistics

Missed: These are all the times that the worker phone was rung and no one answered, including this worker. This does not include times where the worker is on the phone and could not answer the call, the customer hung up before the worker could answer the call, and when some other worker answers the call. It also doesn't include off hour missed calls or times when the worker is in a "do not disturb" state.  The worker can only get a missed call if their phone is rung.  
These are the missed calls for the worker that go to voicemail. These may be missed calls that end up in the company voicemail or missed calls in their own personal voicemail because of an extension press. They may occur during ring schedule hours or off hours.  
These are a count of the calls received by the worker.  
These are all the calls placed by the worker through IO Phone.  
Total Duration:
This is the total duration of all received, transferred, and placed calls for the worker.  

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