IO Phone - Recordings


Recordings are fairly simple. They are where you manage and create any recording you want to use for IO Phone. That may be a greeting, a voicemail box, or part of your phone tree. This is where you will want to record your voicemail box messages. Recordings can be made from your browser, or you can upload them. MP3 files are the preferred format. You can name recordings so you know what they are, and you can designate what phone numbers should be able to use them.  DO NOT RENAME the recording extension (.mp3, etc).  Doing so will cause an error.  If you want to change the recording format, you need to convert it.  Renaming will result in an error similar to: Failure processing Gather.  

You can manage all of your IO Phone recordings from here. You can delete, add, and change any recording. Recordings can either be voicemail messages, ring tones or ring messages, or phone tree messages telling customers how to get to the department they are looking for. Or you can go to our IO Phone Setup Guide or view all IO Phone help docs that will show you how to use certain features as well.

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