IO Phone - Desk Phone Setups with MagicJack

IO Phone is designed to work easily with cell phones, should you need to still utilize desk phones you are able to. However, paying for both systems simultaneously can be costly. As a more affordable alternative, you can use a setup to power your phones over an internet-connected system. Among these options is MagicJack. We have tested this setup to ensure it is compatible. The consumer version of MagicJack is more affordable than the business setup, and it is an adequate solution being that most of the real phone system features will be provided by IO Phone. 

All technical questions, troubleshooting information, and FAQs on MagicJack are addressed here directly.

Ordering & Setup

  1. To test out and get set up with the MagicJack setup you will first need to order a MagicJack device from their website.
  2. Upon receiving your device you will need to follow their setup instructions. This will entail plugging the device into a compatible computer, ethernet connection, or ethernet and physical phone.

    Detailed setup instructions can be found here. 

  3. Once the device is set up it can then be used in 3 ways

    The device can be plugged into an internet connection and a desk phone. This is the method you will most likely be using based on your needs and desired setup.

    The device can be plugged into the computer to accept calls through the cell phone app or the computer it is plugged into.

    The device can be plugged into an internet connection and used to answer calls on a cell phone.

Using with IO Phone

The only difference between using IO Phone in a typical setup and with a device as described above, is that now inside of IO the number for the worker will be set to the worker-specific MagicJack number.

Here is an example of the workflow.

Inbound call:

  1. The customer calls your company's IO Phone number.
  2. The ring schedule matches up with your line
  3. IO Phone rings the MagicJack number entered into IO as your contact
  4. Phone line rings
  5. You answer
  6. The call is connected and completed

Outbound Call: 

  1. You start the outbound call to the customer from IO Phone
  2. IO Phone looks up the number at which you can be reached.
  3. The call is initiated to the MagicJack number that was looked up to place the call.
  4. You answer the call.
  5. An outbound call is then began to the customer's number from the company number.
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