IO Phone - Call Issues & Troubleshooting

General Notes

  • Issues that are not reproducible or intermittent in nature, should not be reported
  • Always request call examples of the reported issue, having occurred within the last 24 hours
  • Having multiple recent call examples ensures that the issue is ongoing and is worth investigating further
  • Ask when the issue began & if anything has recently changed, either with the device they’re using or with their IO Phone configuration
    • If there have been recent changes, see if they can be reverted and retry

Common Issues

Unexpected Missed Calls

  • Check the call log’s event log at the bottom:
    • Does the log show that the affected worker(s) are properly being dialed?
      • If so, and no error messages are present, review 'Not Receiving Calls on Specific Device'
      • If there are error messages present in the event log, review 'Error Messages'
      • Otherwise, review 'Ring Schedule Issue'

Dropped Calls

  • First, review 'Not Receiving Calls on Specific Device' to ensure it isn’t something external that could be causing the issue
  • Otherwise, if the issue is persistent, this is likely something we’ll need to escalate to Bandwidth

Not Receiving Calls on Specific Device

  • Ensure the user does not have any sort of spam filtering or 3rd party software installed on their device that could be interfering with IO Phone
  • The user could try enabling/disabling wifi calling on their device, if supported
    • If using wifi calling, the user could try connecting to a different network
  • Try to rule out the possibility of any external issues, like poor service or reception
    • Are they seeing missed calls show up on their device? If so, it could be something external to IO Phone/Bandwidth
  • If none of the above applies, this is something we’d need to escalate to Bandwidth to look further into. Possibly a quick routing adjustment on their end is all that’s needed

Ring Schedule Issue

  • Carefully review the affected ring schedule(s):
    • When the issue occurred, should the schedule have matched? (e.g: call occurred on Sunday but schedule is only M-F)
    • Is the delay set too high? (e.g: call only lasted five seconds but the ring schedule delay is set to begin ringing after 10 seconds)
    • Are there filter(s) applied to the ring schedule?
      • If so, review the filter(s) and ensure the the filter should’ve matched the phone number the call originated from
    • If the user has multiple IO Phone numbers, is the ring schedule associated with the number that the caller dialed?
  • Review any relevant voicemail boxes:
    • Are there any (non-Worker) voicemail boxes that have a delay set lower than that of the affected ring schedule(s)? If so, the call will go to voicemail before the worker is dialed

Error Messages

  • Some error messages may be human readable and should be self explanatory as to what the issue is
  • Otherwise, a few common ones include:
    • Service unavailable: Usually something a routing adjustment can resolve (will +need to be escalated to Bandwidth)
    • Destination not found: Usually something a routing adjustment can resolve (will need to be escalated to Bandwidth)
    • Failure processing PlayAudio: Usually indicates an audio file issue (greeting audio, voicemail recording, etc.)
    • Callback event [...] failed: Usually indicates a temporary server issue on either our end or Bandwidth’s
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