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IO Phone Numbers are where you set and manage your business phone numbers. You can search for and add new numbers and/or port in existing numbers you are using for business. To port in, please contact us at  

There are services that will help you prevent your number from showing as spam.  This is one of them:  We suggest registering your number with any you can to ensure your calls/texts are delivered.  

The Numbers section of IO Phone will allow you to add multiple numbers to your InflatableOffice/EventOffice account. You can set a number of preferences:

  1. Name your number so you can easily identify it. Most will only have one number, so you can name it something like "Main."
  2. You can determine if you want the number listed as an outbound number. This will put it in the menu for calling out from the software.
  3. Greeting audio is what you want played to the caller when they call in. You do not have to fill in this field. We will play a normal ringing sound if you do not. However, you can put music or a message or both music and a message to customers if you want. You set these up in Recordings, which we will cover later. If you are putting music and/or a message, you can choose to loop the audio after it completes. It's probably best to leave this empty when you are first setting up your IO Phone.
  4. Hold music can be set and will play after greeting audio if you are not looping it and when you have the caller on hold. It is not necessary to use this, but it does help you customize your caller's experience.
  5. Lastly, you can restrict what worker has access to make outbound calls with a number if you want. If you leave this blank, the number will be available to all workers that have access to the phone.  In most cases you should not be setting a restriction.  If you do restrict a number to certain workers and another worker tries to use it to call out, either it will not work or if you have another number without restrictions, it will dial out through it. 

Upon request, we can also set your account to not ring any workers that are currently on an IO Phone call already, with the exception of transfers.  

Below is a video showing additional information about IO Phone Numbers.  Or you can go to our IO Phone Setup Guide or view all IO Phone help docs that will show you how to use certain features as well.

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