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Voicemail Boxes

Voicemail boxes are the next thing you need to be sure to complete. Voicemail boxes obviously catch all callers that you miss and allow them to leave a message for you. You should at minimum always setup a company voicemail box. Without a company voicemail box, the caller will just continue hearing the ring tone or your greeting if no ring schedule rules are met or if no one on your ring schedules answers. Voicemail boxes are very similar to ring schedules, so we will only go over the differences below.

  1. Voicemail boxes are always active. If you want to turn it off, you would delete it. If you want to save it for later use, you can simply edit it. For instance, changing the schedule or setting a filter that would never trigger the voicemail would effectively be the same as setting it inactive. In the case of a special holiday greeting for you voicemail, simply pick that holiday greeting and revert back to the other greeting after the holidays.
  2. Voicemail boxes can also be accessed via extensions simply by choosing the voicemail box when creating the extension.  
  3. For setting up your company voicemail box, you should not enter a worker/group. Leave this field blank. If you would like to setup personal voicemail boxes for a worker or group, record them and then enter them in the Worker/Group field.
  4. Always set a recording for your voicemail box. Recordings are used to tell us what message you want played to the caller before allowing them to leave a message.

For additional information, view the video below.  Or you can go to our IO Phone Setup Guide or view all IO Phone help docs that will show you how to use certain features as well.  

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