IO Phone Texting Campaign Registry

To enable texting, please email the following info:

  • your legal business name
  • your legal business address
  • Business Number:
    - if USA: Federal EIN / TIN (or tell us if you are sole prop)
    - if Canada: Canadian Corp Number (not your business number or federal tax ID number)
    - if Europe: DUNS number

A vetting process will take place so typos may delay this process so please be exact.


In the effort to reduce spam text messages, phone carriers are making new requirements to make sure your text messages are deliverable.  There are additional message requirements that must be adhered to so that you are not fined. 

InflatableOffice and EventOffice is helping our users register at the campaign site.  We will not send text messages from an unregistered number.  If your company has registered through us, you will be able to send text messages like normal.  If you are not registered, we will prevent you from sending text messages, and you will see warnings in many places that link to this help document.  

If you are getting this message and need to register, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you collect the necessary information and register your company.  

You can read more about at the registry site.

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