Leads - Keyword Filtering Types

You can type "org: Capital University" in the lead keyword box to only search the organization name. If you just type "Capital University" in the box it will search all the fields. DO NOT hit the [ENTER/RETURN] key, unless you want the system to search all the fields at the same time. On many of the below keywords, you can type the keyword name (with a colon at the end) then pause for a second to see a list. This list will drop down of what you are looking for, i.e., a first/last name, company name, etc..

Below is a list of the keyword filters that can be used:

org: (Organization)
eventname: (Event name) 
eventcity: (Event city) 
eventstate: (Event state)
eventzip: (Postal Code)
ref: (Referral)
id: (Lead ID. Unique to each lead.)
qp: (Quote page name)
dt: (Delivery Type/Method)
venue: (Venue Name)
loc: (Multi-Location Warehouse Name)
email: (Customer Email Address)
phone: (Searches all phone/fax numbers.)
ctype: (Customer Type)
tag: (Customer Tag)
rental: (Rental Item Name)
cat: (Rental Category Name)
cust: (Customer Name)
worker: (Worker Name with assigned shift)
salesrep: (Sales Rep Name)
total: (Lead Total Amount)
pay: (Lead Payment Amount)
due: (Lead Due Amount)
task: (CRM todo task reminders. Searches title)
custom: (custom fields and the responses on the
vendor: (see list of vendors)
attachment: (if there is or isn't an attachment on the lead)
autobook: (if the customer has booked the event on their own)
survey: (if they've started the selected survey, it will be included)
country: (international country)
position: (includes any leads with a shift assigned to the selected worker position)
fee: (shows a list of fees/promos/coupons)

If you type in any of the following, it will list all the possibilities if you do not type any further characters:


Special keywords
Typing the following keywords in exactly, returns a specific set of results.

"Task: none" - Returns leads with no CRM task associated with that lead
"adwords: all" - Returns leads that came in via an Adwords campaign (when integrated with IO properly)
"adwords: none" - Returns leads that didn't come in via an Adwords campaign (when integrated with IO properly)
"salesrep: none" - Returns all leads without an assigned sales rep
"vendor: all" - Returns a list of leads that have equipment from a Vendor
"vendor: declined" - Returns a list of leads with declined vendor availability

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