Leads - Saving, Sharing, and Deleting Filters

Saving, Sharing, and Deleting Filters

Filters that are made on the Leads page can be saved, shared with other workers in the same account, and deleted when no longer needed.

Saving Filters

After setting the filter via the sidebar on the Leads page, simply click the save button under the filter heading on the same sidebar. That will bring up a prompt for you to name the filter. Click the OK button to save. The filter will then be accessible throughout InflatableOffice.

If you are logged in as the administrator of the account, the filter will be owned by and shown only in the administrator account. If you are logged in as a worker, the saved filter will be owned by that worker account and will only show in it.

Changing and Saving a Shared Filter

If you change a filter you shared with other workers, it will change their filter, too. If you change and save a filter shared with you, it will make a new filter that is just in your account.

Sharing Filters

If you have an account with the Workers Module active, you will be able to share filters. After you select a filter, you will see the share button under the filter heading on the sidebar. Any worker that has permission to the leads page will be listed under the share button. Clicking the checkbox next to the worker’s name, will remove the worker from the list and put the filter in that worker’s account. If the worker’s name is not in the list and they have permission to the leads page, it means that the filter is already shared with that worker. You cannot share filters with the admin account. You can share them from the admin account to other workers or from worker accounts to other worker accounts. For multi-location accounts, you can only share with workers if you have access to all the locations of the worker you are trying to share a filter with.

Deleting Filters

To delete a filter, click the delete button after selecting the filter from the filter drop down. Deleting a filter will delete it from your account only if it is shared with other workers. If you were the creator of the filter and it is not shared, it will be deleted completely. If someone else is using the filter, the owner is set to admin and it just removes it from your account. If the admin deletes a filter that is shared with other accounts, it removes the filter from all accounts.

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