Leads - Adding a New Lead or Event

See the steps are below on how to create a lead/event, you can also reference this video as well. 

First you will want to navigate to the Leads/Events Page

Now that we are starting a new lead/event we just have to fill in necessary details like the ones detailed below.

  1. Select Event Date/Time

  2. Fill in rentals

  3. Fill in customer info

  4. Fill in venue info (or copy from customer info)

  5. Fill out any additional fields you would like.
  6. Select the status of the event

    If this is just a quote you can just leave it in the "Quote" status. If this is an event you are entering that has already been booked and you just need the items taken out of availability you will want to put it in a status like "Confirmed" so the items are reserved.

  7. Hit the "Save" button.


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