InflatableOffice allows for you to attach files to a lead for retrieving at a later date. Here are some examples of why you may want to do this:

  • Taking pictures in the field documenting a proper setup. 
  • Taking pictures in the field for promotional purposes.
  • Storing files the customer has sent you such as parking passes or campus maps.
  • Storing a digital copy of field paperwork.

The attachments are done via email. Simply send an email to with the Lead ID in the subject line. 

The following formats are accepted:

'bmp', 'doc', 'docm', 'docx', 'gif', 'htm', 'html', 'ico', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'mov', 'mp3', 'mp4', 'odf', 'pdf', 'png', 'pptx', 'tif', 'tiff', 'vcf', 'vsd', 'xlsx', 'xls', 'zip"  

After sending the attachment it may take a few minutes to populate into the lead. 

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