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Setting up deposits with InflatableOffice

Deposits in IO can either be based on a percentage of the total amount or a flat amount. You can set a general deposit, by customer type, or you can determine the deposit amount per item.

Setting the Global Deposit

To set the general deposit amount go to Settings -> Payment Preferences and adjust the Required Deposit as you desire. Select the drop-down box to switch from percentage % to dollar amount $ then press save. This deposit will be charged consistently across all quotes generated.

Setting by Customer Type 

Do you service residential, commercial, or some other consistent customer type that might require a different deposit? You can adjust their deposit by going to Settings -> Customer Types. This will override the global deposit. 

Once you select Customer Type you can add your different customer types by clicking the "add customer type" button, once you have it added you can select either a $ amount or % amount, click save and close.

Setting by Individual Items

It is also possible to add to the deposit amount for individual rentals. For instance, if your typical deposit amount is $50 flat, but for a water slide, you would add an additional $25, you can go to the settings of the water slide and enter $25 in the Additional Deposit field under Advanced Settings, which brings the total deposit to $75. This is an additive. It will add to whatever global or customer type deposit is already calculated.

The required deposit is set automatically on all new leads, but the amount required can also be adjusted by selecting the Lead, go to the rentals tab on the left side bar, then select where it says "custom" on the Required Deposit and click it, it will say "Reset" you can select either a $ amount or % amount, put in your desired amount and it will automatically adjust after you click outside of the box, click save at the bottom of the page.

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