Overwrite or new profile for a customer when on a lead

Overwriting or Creating a New Customer Profile

If you are generating a new lead, you will notice that the “new profile” check box next to the customer name is checked. This tells the system that you want to create a new customer profile in your customer address book using the customer information you fill in.

When you are typing in the customer name, you will notice that a drop down will appear showing you other customers in your address book that closely match what you are typing. If you select one of these customers, the “new profile” check box will be cleared. The system is assuming that you will be working with that customer profile, and that any changes made to the customer information on the leads page should overwrite and update the customer profile in your address book. If you would like to force InflatableOffice create a new customer record, check the “new profile” check box before saving your lead.

Customer information is not saved directly to a lead. Instead it is saved to your customer address book and a reference to that customer information is saved to leads. So, if you make a change to a customer profile, every lead that has that customer referenced will immediately display that new customer information.

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