Leads - Quick-Add Items

When creating a lead, you might have to add an item that isn't in your inventory or add a note that needs to display with your items. You can do this by using the Quick-Add search bar, on the Event section of the lead.

With the Quick-Add search bar, you can search for items in your inventory and also add items to the event that aren't in your inventory. To Quick-Add items, you'll write the name of the item in the Quick-Add bar. The inventory will come over as inactive and if you need to put a price on this, you can adjust the pricing accordingly.

This feature is useful for adding notes to your line items and also adding one time items to a lead.

A permission will need to be added for each workers account if you want to allow a worker to be able to use this feature.

Existing users with leads page access are given the permission by default.

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