Leads - Lead Flags

Lead Flags

Sometimes you’ll see a flagged alert for an event. The error could be because of a rental item conflict or because you have flagged the lead for follow-up.

You can manually remove a flag by selecting the X below the Rentals on the lead. Example shown below.

The most common flags that could be found are:

Booking - This could indicate an unsigned contract and/or unpaid deposit/full balance has not been paid. Typically meaning a contract was generated to the customer.
Conflict - A conflict is when an item(s) are conflicting or booked by another lead. You cannot manually clear a conflict flag.
Bounced Email - An email sent to a customer has bounced; usually when the customer enters the wrong email address.
Tight Turnaround - This will populate because an item(s) has a tight turnaround. You cannot manually clear a tight turnaround flag.
Call - This could indicate a customer had used the "Contact Us" section on your website.
Contract - This could indicate that auto-booking is turned off or there is a setting prohibiting auto-booking and you would have to manually send the contract to the customer.
Cust Survey - Sent with the customer "Thank you" email. The flag will appear when a survey is complete.
Mgr Survey - Sent to ask the manager to report on the event, what items need repaired, and if any shift times need adjusted. The flag will appear when a survey is complete.

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